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There is one thing that seems to hold everyone back from getting organized: It is their desire to not have to deal with those things that are left over from the past. This is why you will hear a lot of people say, "I simply do not have enough time to get organized." If this is really, honestly true, then you are in desperate need of getting organized just as soon as possible.

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While the majority of people who are organizationally challenged have found themselves resisting organization is because they do not want to be controlled by anything or anyone. However, without taking control of your home's organization, you are letting your clutter control your life. For this reason, you really must manage to get around to getting organized. Whenever that time finally does come, there are three piles of things that you really should create:

  • Do it. These are things that you will still need to do. They are things that you, yourself must do.
  • Delegate it. These are also things that you will still need to do. However, the difference between this pile and your “do it” pile is that you can have other people do the things in this pile for you. Simply put, you do NOT have to do it yourself.
  • Dump it. This is the pile of junk that you are going to want to place into your closest trashcan and simply get it all out of the way right away.

Having a plan for everything that you do is simply invaluable. So, now that you have a system and a step-by-step repeatable plan for organizing your life, you will find that things will actually go a lot smoother. You will actually start beginning to be able to find those things that you need almost immediately and thus save yourself a lot of time.

Once you manage to get your home organized, you really must do whatever it takes in order for you to keep your home organized. It really does not matter what system of organization you use here, just as long as you make sure to keep it simple.

Remember! There really is truth in the old cliché: "A place for everything and everything in its place?" The truth is that this cliché really does work. So, let's get started so that you can begin feeling better today.

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